• Successor fund to TEEC Angel Fund

    TSVC Capital is the successor fund to TEEC Angel Fund (Tsinghua Entrepreneur and Executive Club),founded by Tsinghua alumni Eugene Zhang and Chun Xia in 2010. TEEC Angel Fund is the earliest Chinese angel fund in Silicon Valley focused on deep technologies.

    Invest in technology companies

    Run by a team of operators who are either entrepreneurs themselves or seasoned investors, we have invested in over 150 startups In the past 7 years covering deep technologies and Fintech.

    Outstanding performance

    In 7 years, our 150+ portfolios have raised over 500 million USD with 8 companies valuation over 100 million USD and 2 unicorns. We are well plugged in Silicon Valley ecosystem. We are deeply technical, and skilled at evaluating emerging technologies. We are able to leverage Tsinghua network and provide value-add services to our portfolio companies.