October 7, 2022

Aspecta - AI-Powered Digital Identity Ecosystem Across Web2 and Web3 Spaces

Eddie Mo

Aspecta.ai is a next-generation talent acquisition platform that uses artificial intelligence to revolutionize team recruitment. The startup’s AI solution is set to build the future infrastructure for recruiting, human resources, and professional life.

The HR Tech Market

The current recruitment technology market consists of job-posting websites, talent and professional networking platforms, and a myriad of applicant tracking systems. Most of these existing solutions rely solely on resumes and cover letters for talent sourcing, screening, and analysis. However, since keywords and subjective descriptions of experience don’t accurately reflect qualifications and potential to succeed at the job, the recruitment industry continues to face the critical problem of bad hires despite expending large amounts of time and labor into sourcing, screening, and candidate research.

Aspecta is a talent acquisition-technology startup that has developed the technology to solve these issues using artificial intelligence.

About Aspecta.ai

Aspecta’s goal is to provide efficient sourcing, accurate screening, and insightful talent analysis for employers using its platform. Aspecta has developed state-of-the-art AI technology to integrate and understand web and on-chain data for all professional-related activities, including coding projects, academic scholarship, patents, and even forum discussions and blog posts. With web talent data being increasingly open-source, Aspecta enables employers to tap into this abundant data to recruit beyond the resume. In addition, Aspecta generates insightful skill assessments that offer accurate, holistic, and relevant talent analysis for HR professionals. 

Currently, Aspecta is developing a closed-loop job market for Web 3.0 employers and talent. It is also designing a “Meta Workspace”—a virtual platform for increasingly decentralized work—which is set to launch in March 2023.

Led by Zongjian He and Dr. Steve Liu (former Chief Scientist at Tinder), Aspecta was incubated at the Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale University and is currently based in New York City. The startup has raised millions of dollars in funding from top global venture capital funds, including TSVC, and has gathered a team of top AI scientists to build its next-generation talent platform.

TSVC Conviction

When TSVC invests in seed-stage startups, we search for three core pillars: the market, the technology, and the team.

TSVC believes that Aspecta is revolutionizing the hiring process by deeply integrating AI and big data technology. TSVC recognizes that Aspecta is committed to solving the problems and limitations of resume-based recruiting that plague existing talent-posting and HR platforms. As traditional web talent fields are converting to open source, and Web 3.0 industries such as crypto and blockchain rapidly expand, Aspecta harnesses abundant talent data which it can convert to meaningful and accurate talent assessment. Because of this, TSVC believes that Aspecta’s product is both timely and disruptive.

Aspecta’s team consists of AI technology and industry experts who bring years of experience to the startup. Aspecta leads and coordinates research with world-class labs and academic institutions including Tsinghua University, McGill University, City University of Hong Kong, and Emory University. The team has also filed 7 patents that protect its innovative talent-assessment technology.

Armed with disruptive technology, an expanding market, and a formidable team, TSVC believes that Aspecta is an incredibly promising future leader in the HR technology field.

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