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Our Investment

With over $180M+ assets under management, $4B+ fund raised by the portfolios on hold and 30+ successful IPO and M&A exits in the past 11 years, our never-ending quest for discovering the next big hit in the tech industry has resulted in notable investments in sectors including enterprise SaaS, AI, Fintech, Healthtech, Biotech and Hardware.

We can ENVISION venture blueprints as if they were already built
We envisioned that Eric’s venture blueprints in 2011 would disrupt cloud video conferencing
We help ARCHITECT startups into companies that shape our lives
We supported Henry in 2013 for the democratization of cap table management
We plug our founders into the resources they need to POWER-UP their startups
We backed Ginkgo Bioworks’ synthetic bio engine to revolutionize the bio-economy in 2014

Alpha Program

The Alpha Program funds and fuels innovation specially at the pre-seed, alpha stage for entrepreneurs throughout our alumni community.