Founded in 2010, TSVC (formerly TEEC Angel Fund) is proud to be a leading early-stage venture capital fund in Silicon Valley. By investing in forward-thinking ideas and cutting-edge deep technologies as well as partnering with exceptional founders in the extraordinary entrepreneurial community, TSVC has been ranked in the top decile of early-stage VC funds in Silicon Valley. Over the past 9 years, TSVC has delivered outstanding returns to our investors by funding over 160 startups in deep tech-focused areas such as SaaS, AI chips, Fintech, Biotech, Blockchain and Semiconductors. With4 unicorns (Zoom, Quanergy, Ginkgo Bio, Carta) in our portfolio, TSVC is named a top unicorn investor in the US by PitchBook.

Our investment philosophy centers on our belief that today’s visionaries will make tomorrow’s reality. In an interconnected world, we seek to stand at the forefront of the global technology transformation. From the earliest days through all phases of growth, our mission is to support our entrepreneurs with unique insights and solid technology expertise, and to bring them distinctive values along with funding. By partnering with us, together we can turn dream ventures into reality, and thrive as we work toward the common goal of making the world a better place through innovation.

Investment Team

Spencer Greene

Investment Partner
Lead of 'Design for Exit'; Former Head of M&A at Juniper Networks

Jack Jia

Venture Advisor
Expertise in Social Network, Software

David Duan

Investment Partner
Expertise in Medical device

Pamela Lee

Investment Partner
Expertise in AI, big data, internet etc.

Iris Quan

Investment Partner
Investment area: Technology Innovation, health care

Carl Wang

Investment Partner
Expertise in EdTech, AgTech, CleanTech, Enterprise Software

Botong Shi

Investment Partner
Expertise in Fin-tech & Insurance Tech, Hardware, Blockchain

Yi Chang

Venture Advisor
Expertise in Cloud, Enterprise SaaS/PaaS, Healthcare

TSVC is operated by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs and executives with deep investment experience in technology. While we bring a vast amount of expertise in various industries to the table, our international background helps our companies expand overseas.

As early-stage venture capitalists, we are laser-focused on facilitating outstanding returns by funding forward-thinking, positive transformations. Our disruptive, no-nonsense approach to investing in startup companies enables us to block out the noise and focus on what is most important – the growth and continued success of companies with massive potential.