March 25, 2022

Building the Next Unicorn Against the Headwind, Are You Ready?

Sophie Wu

TSVC held another successful seminar of “Building the Next Unicorn” series on March 24, 2022. Our TSVC founding partners Mr. Eugene Zhang and Dr. Chun Xia shared their in-depth analysis of the current tail-end bull market conditions, their investment knowledge and experiences going through three boom, and bust cycles in Silicon Valley, as well as how TSVC achieved highest seed-to-unicorn hit rate in the past 11 years.

They talked about different aspects of things to be aware of from both perspective of investors and entrepreneurs and addressed major risk factors when massive capitals are still poured in to stimulate red-hot innovations at the end of bull market. With all these market uncertainties, Eugene and Dr. Xia explained how TSVC positions itself well in such a consistent ecosystem in responding cautiously to any possible imminent downturns.

Combining with the analytics of the efficient market hypothesis, Dr. Xia reiterated the importance of the three winning factors for investing in unicorns: the right timing, the right product positioning, and the right team. He utilized the analogy between the market investment low high trading principles and the three winning factors: entering at the lowest point and exiting at the highest point for the timing, better product positioning with less competition, and fewer quick money seekers among the founder teams. Dr. Xia estimated that with bubbles busted and fewer hypes among startups, it is a better timing to start the business, giving the examples of Zoom, Airbnb and Uber.

The entire panel discussions covered a large number of hot topics. Eugene and Dr. Xia also talked about a variety kinds of Next Unicorn opportunities, importance of long term valuation uptrend, and correct funding path and tactics. Unicorns do not have much of the commonalities. Entrepreneurs need to position themselves and be themselves. Dr. Xia concluded that one of the most crucial duties for the founders is to create their entrepreneurship religion together to share the same visions for the success.

TSVC partner team distinguish themselves from others through in-depth expertise in multiple cross-domain high-tech technologies and very extensive experiences in VC investments, as most of the partners are both successful high-tech entrepreneurs and accomplished long time investors. TSVC holds the highest seed-to-unicorn hit rate with a record of 8 unicorns, 4 IPOs, and more than 200 groundbreaking startups.

The TSVC Building the Next Unicorn” series is being held online at 7pm every last Thursdays of the month. You are very welcome to sign up at:

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