July 30, 2022

INTROS AI – Create Your Own Community

Donghao Yang
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Current social platforms connect you to other people's content, not to other people. To meet someone relevant today, you need to scan through Twitter, craft an awkward DM, hope the person responds, and then coordinate a time to chat. Despite "connecting the world", platforms like Facebook and TikTok push us further apart. As of right now, there aren't great solutions to do this, especially at scale. Imagine having a Discord community of 1000+ people, and none of them know one another upon joining. That's a problem. Introductions and shared experiences on the other hand lead to meaningful connections. That's why we need high-quality, personalized introductions between members so they can stay engaged and find their people.

How to connect with Intros

Intros AI makes personalized 1:1 and group introductions between members of your community over text message, email, Discord, and many platforms to come (Slack & Telegram are next). With Intros, community builders customize their matching algorithm from scratch or start from one of our templates. Many builders match their members based on compatible skills, similar industries, or similar years of experience. Community builders can also white labeled their Intros, integrate with an existing database of members on platforms like Airtable, and gain community insights along the way. Community members on the other hand opt in to be Introduced over email, text, or Discord, schedule a time by linking their calendar, meet through video chats with question prompts, and can request to meet other members in their directory. IntrosAI is helping community managers to build their own algorithm. Prioritizing what is important for each community, and being transparent about the approach.

The Founders of Intros

The leaders of Intros AI are consisted with great experience in software engineering. Their passion and energy would lead their success.

Co-founder & CEO: David Kobrosky

David was Co-Founder of Blockchain at Michigan, he also joined Entrepreneurs Leadership Program, Michigan Hyperloop, and SHIFT Creator Space. He dropped out University of Michigan with 6 credits left to start Intros Ai.

CTO: Robert Levy

Robert began consulting / experimenting with start-ups at University of Michigan, continued his development at Goldman Sachs Marquee Trading Platform. He focused software engineer with significant experience in API design, full-stack implementation, and network security. 

TSVC Conviction

Community being a catalyst for the future of both traditional startups and Web3 products, the unique aspect of Intros AI is it allows community builders to build their own personalized introductions between members of communities over Email, Text, or Discord. Nearly a billion people are participating in over 30 million online communities monthly across Facebook groups, Discord, and Reddit alone. These communities are growing ~35% YOY. However, the key to success in community economy is to attract enough users to construct the foundation of a community and maintain user stickiness at the meantime. TSVC believes it will be a game changing step for the Intros AI if it can attract enough managers as KOLs and use their influences to actively boost the community. 

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