May 19, 2022

Probius - Building a Comprehensive Image of Health

Liankai Zhang

Global Digitizing Biology Market Overview

Digital biology involves studying the fundamental computation of various biological processes, including gene regulatory systems and neural networks. Digitizing biology is an emerging field of scientific study that is being utilized to develop high-tech biological solutions. Extensive research and development in the field of digitizing biology is presently being carried out to design new biological experiments. The ultimate goal of digital biology is to gain deeper insights into molecular cell biology and to reconfigure organisms and their specific body parts. Researchers now are increasingly engaging in this field of study to explore advanced solutions for disease cure.

Due to the rapid development of computational biology and biological simulation, coupled with the latest innovations in multi sequencing, sequence database and protein visualization, the revenue of the global digital biology market is expected to increase significantly in the next few years. In the past few years, many research institutions and healthcare companies have been using grid computing for data processing and storage. Therefore, the introduction of advanced solutions that reduce data analysis time is an important factor in promoting the growth of the global digital biological market.

Meet Probius

Probius is an emerging life sciences company developing next-generation biochemical analysis solutions that combine quantum sensing and artificial intelligence. Its technology produces a high-fidelity digital representation of health biochemistry for more detailed and predictive insights.

In order to realize the vision of decentralized and dematerialized clinical diagnosis of personalized health monitoring, Probius has developed a biological analysis platform, which integrates the unique integration of a variety of biological information to simultaneously identify and quantify small molecules, macromolecules, single-cell organisms and their interactions in any background matrix. Using quantum bioelectrochemistry, our multi-scale phenotype platform doubles the amount of information accessible X1000, and can be analyzed directly in the background matrix without sample preparation and limited sample volume. In the short term, it can conduct a broad-spectrum and effective longitudinal study for the discovery and verification of preclinical treatment. In the long run, it will revolutionize healthcare, enabling individuals to monitor their biochemistry as a personalized baseline and close the loop between patients, doctors and care providers in a digital and real-time manner. 

TSVC’s Convictions

TSVC is always focusing on seed-stage investing, especially the deep tech startups which have huge potential. Probius is trying to develop the next generation biochemical analysis solutions that combine quantum sensing and AI. It has the power to lead the whole industry. Probius is the firm that makes TSVC very interested in. 

The global digitizing biotech market is full of potential and dynamics, and it is expected to experience significant revenue growth in the coming years due to the rapid development of computational biology and biosimulation, coupled with the latest innovations in multi-sequencing, sequence databases, and protein visualization. With the unique combination for detection and analysis by its powerful model, We strongly believe Probius will stand out in the digitizing biotech market.

There are 2 distinct types of competition, namely instrument providers for in house assay development or usage (ThermoFisher, Qiagen, ...) and service providers and kits (Luminex/Eve Technologies, BD, Ayoxxa, ...). The key features are workflow and application dependent, such as molecular size, pathways and objectives. The key technology Probius has is to mimick the board spectrum and olfactory sensing paradigm efficiently. Its Results or expression markers can be re-queried without collection of additional samples.

The team of Probius is composed of 2 co-founders: CEO Emmanuel Quevy, PhD and CTO Chaitanya Gupta, PhD. Both come from strong academic backgrounds and extensive industry experience. Emmanuel is a Serial Entrepreneur. He was a Post-doc researcher at UCB and Previous director of MEMS engineering at Silicon Labs. Chaitanya was a post-doc researcher in UIUC, conceptualizing and developing olfactory platform for sensing and characterization of chemical and biological threat agents and then became an engineering research associate in Stanford focusing on olfactory sensing platform.


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