April 14, 2023

Revolutionizing Spine Care: Discure's Innovative Approach to Degenerative Disc Disease

Maya Arengo

The Market Landscape

Degenerative disc disease is a formidable opponent in the medical world. Primarily identified as a key cause of over 35% of lower back pain, the ailment sees spinal discs wear down, reducing their shock absorption ability. Present-day interventions, such as disc removal or replacement, although popular, come with a hefty price tag. They are not just financially burdening but also invasive, often leaving patients grappling with post-surgical pain. Most importantly, these procedures fail to tackle the root cause of the disease, leaving a gaping hole in comprehensive patient care.

Introducing Discure

Enter Discure: a beacon of hope in this challenging market. Discure is a preclinical stage medical company that has developed a new treatment for degenerative disc disease that solves these issues. 

With its foundational goal to eradicate the need for invasive spinal surgeries, Discure, an Israel-based subsidiary of Rainbow, is set to redefine degenerative disc disease treatments. Their groundbreaking approach focuses on reinvigorating the worn-out disc rather than merely replacing it. How? By leveraging an innovative electrode system. This system, once injected into the affected disc and connected to an implanted power source, restores the disc's natural charge, volume, hydration, and nutrient balance. In doing so, the degeneration is not just halted but reversed, effectively addressing the disease's root.

For its revenue model, Discure aims to supply hospitals with this revolutionary treatment equipment.

Discure's Journey So Far

The health tech world is abuzz with Discure's commendable strides. Emerging from Rainbow, which is known for its cutting-edge health technologies, Discure is already the proud recipient of 13 patents across the U.S. and the E.U. While their approach has already proven effective in animal tissue, the next step, human trials, is poised to kick off in 2023.

Recognition for Discure's disruptive technology hasn't been limited to the patent sphere. The company clinched the coveted "Best New Technology in Spine Care in 2021" accolade from Orthopedics This Week. Cited for its potential in enhancing patient outcomes, clinical relevance, cost-effectiveness, among other factors, Discure has certainly turned heads. Even the U.S. Federal Drug and Food Agency (FDA) sees immense promise in Discure, bestowing upon them the Breakthrough Device Designation.

TSVC's Faith in Discure

At TSVC, our ethos revolves around backing potential game-changers, and Discure checks all the boxes. Their unique tackle on an age-old problem, validated by early trials and the recognition they've earned, signifies that Discure isn't just another player—it's a trendsetter.

The seasoned blend of medical prowess and entrepreneurial acumen within the Discure team amplifies our confidence in their trajectory. Admittedly, investing in Discure at this juncture, given their pre-human trials stage, does come with its share of risks. A potential delay in FDA approval post the Breakthrough Device Designation is one such concern. However, our conviction remains unshaken. We genuinely believe that Discure holds the key to offering a minimally invasive, comprehensive solution to degenerative disc disease, rewriting the future of spine care.

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