October 19, 2022

Stratifyd - the New and Smart AI Analytics Platform

William Lu

SaaS Analytic Economy

The idea of big data - high volume, high velocity, and high variability datasets- becomes increasingly crucial as the volume of data will reach 180 zettabytes in 2025, according to IDC. In another statistical report, the total revenue of big data and business analytics worldwide will be 274.3 billion US dollars in 2022. With the growing market size and volume of data, companies could take advantage of big data with analytical tools to make data-driven decisions for growing their businesses. 

Though there’re CFMs in the market already, they usually do not proactively provide insights from conversational data. Traditional Artificial Intelligence projects can be slow to deploy, and their insights sometimes are disconnected from the current needs of the teams. Hence, a one-stop ML workflow that provides real-time analytics, model training, model production, and collaboration, like Stratifyd, is necessary. 

About Stratifyd

Stratifyd is an AI-powered analytic platform that transforms both structured and unstructured textual data from chats, reviews, surveys, and so on into immediately actionable insights, which will lead to increased revenue, better customer services, and higher user retention. Knowing that traditional AI is inflexible for rapidly changing using cases and that ‘data-rich and insights poor’ is a common problem with data analytic platforms, Stratifyd’s mission is to automate the discovery of hidden stories across customer experience so that companies can save time on tedious analysis, only focus on the results, and make decisions faster. 

Powered by Smart-AI technology, Stratifyd’s Experience Analytics Platform now can accomplish several functions. Through unsupervised machine learning, the Natural Language Understanding model will reveal trends and buzzwords from your customer data without integrating human biases and saving time and energy. As one's business starts to globalize, Smart-AI technology can translate insights from over 100 languages so that one can communicate effortlessly with others in their native languages. Audios have automatic transcriptions, and Smart-AI will proactively surface highlights of audios and texts so that users will not miss anything important. 

Smart-AI technology will automatically analyze streams of customers' operational and behavioral data in real-time to predict anomalies, trends, and topics without requiring codes. Users can put any data into predictive models, such as supervised machine learning models, with AI auto-learning and get results in a fast and cost-effective way. When AI integrates into the corporate culture, everyone can know what the customer wants without having those dependencies on organizations that could slow down your business decision-making. With over hundreds of data connectors and the powerful Smart-AI, Stratifyd’s Experience Analytics Platform is easy for users to do predictive modeling than ever before.

TSVC Conviction

When we invest in tech startups, we always look at 3 pillars: the market, the technology, and the team.

The market size of business intelligence and analytics software application is expected to reach 18,040 million US dollars in 2025. As of 2022, the market size is already 12,698 million US dollars worldwide. The market will be growing at a fast speed in the next few years.

Smart AI technology is what differentiates itself from other traditional AI and analytics platforms. It brings the power of AI to everyone and allows the business owner to focus on making decisions. The one-stop data analytics platform will bring competitive advantages to any company that applies it.

The team consists of industry experts with years of expertise in the field. Derek Wang (CEO) has years of experience and knowledge in the data analytics and machine learning industry. He’s also a graduate faculty at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and a board observer at Kubit and Discover Place. Chris Nelms (CIO) has worked as a CISO for several companies such as Mid Penn Bank. Head of Customer Success and Revenue Operations Steven Auslander also has years of experience in the analytics field at E15 Group and Red Ventures. With a solid track record of technology & business execution, they have driven the industry roadmap for years. 

TSVC believes in Stratifyd and its fantastic contribution to data analytics.






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