September 1, 2022

Visla - Edit Video As Easy As Using Word

Maya Arengo

Video creation is becoming more important as people and businesses rely on videos for work and entertainment. However, current video creation and editing methods are difficult for beginners to use. They also require multiple different platforms to film, edit, and publish the videos. Businesses and media firms currently need to hire third-party videographers to take care of video creation and editing. Making video creation and editing more accessible is important so that people and businesses can most easily harness the power of videos. Visla aims to address the issues related to video creation and editing by creating a platform that allows content creators to film, edit, and share videos with ease. 


Huipin Zhang, the founder of Visla, realized that video editing could be made much easier if different video editing methods are available that best suit the needs of the editors. For example, videos where most of the important content is spoken, like business meetings or webinars, are better suited to be edited directly through the transcript. However, videos where most of the important content is visual, like advertisements or social media videos, are better suited to be edited using a video timeline where the visuals are clearly shown to the editor. Current video editing tools do not provide beginners with the flexibility and resources they need to easily edit any kind of video. 

Visla makes video editing easy by allowing users to edit a video directly through the transcript. Users can click on certain parts of the transcript and then easily delete segments, relocate segments, or add B-roll footage. With Visla, anyone who can edit text can now edit a video. This makes video editing much easier for business meetings, interviews, and talks. Furthermore, videos made on Visla can be shared by simply sending a link. This is much easier than other video editing tools that require downloading the video and then emailing it to others as an attachment or uploading it to a file sharing service. 

TSVC Conviction

TSVC sees promise in Visla to revolutionize video editing. Their competitive advantage is how simple they make the video editing process. Current video editing platforms are difficult to learn and are therefore not easily accessible. As more and more people use videos for their business, social media, or entertainment purposes, accessible video editing  solutions need to be available. Visla makes video editing as easy as text editing. TSVC even uses Visla’s software for our own video editing needs. We are also impressed by Visla’s team and their extensive experience in the video space. Their prior experience at Zoom demonstrates that they understand the needs of their users and they have what it takes to realize Visla’s potential. 

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